Experience And Achievements

Client: TransPennine Express

Depot operation table top exercises.

Designed and delivered table top exercises to test and evaluate the depot operating arrangements and planned contingencies to enable both TPE and Siemens to improve the operational capability and disruption recovery of the new Manchester Ardwick depot.

Client: Central Trains

Review of Simulator Usage.

Undertook the review of the company’s simulator usage, to establish actual effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement, which are cost effective in the long run.

Client: Rail Safety And Standards Board

SPADWEB project

Untill October 2007 was engaged by the RSSB to undertake the content development of SPADWEB

A significant part of the work is to expand the ongoing interaction between the site and Industry. In particular, manage and obtain up to date information and resources related to SPAD management - with many and varied industry stakeholders.

Membership of the site grew from 1,200 to nearly 4,000 in 22months, Site visits now exceed 10,00 a week and downloads from the site exceed 3,000 a month. A 250% increase from when RODL commenced the project.

Client: Siemens

Safety Management Review

Undertook a comprehensive review of the railway operational systems of work in respect to train arrivals and departures at the Siemens Ardwick depot in Manchester, to identify and address all operational hazards or risk.

Client: Seco-Rail

Railway Safety Case Audit

Developed and designed the railway safety case audit protocol to ensure the company met the industry requirements. Undertook the railway safety case audit based on the requirements above.

Client: TransPennine Express

Introduction of the Class 185 fleet

Engaged in the undertaking of stopping and stepping risk assessment at all platforms/stations where the class 185 will be required to stop, to ensure that potential risks are addressed to ensure that risks are identified, controlled and managed. Over 100 site visits and assessments took place. .

Client: RSSB

On Train Monitoring Recorders research project

Engaged as the operational expert on the OTMR project (T572), which primarily was to identify suitable research solution suppliers, liaise with the Train Operators and run an industry workshop to identify operational user needs

Client: Harsco Track Technologies

Route learning strategy

This project was to identify and give the client guidance on how to make significant savings in its operation in respect to route knowledge and the hiring in of route conductors. Even taking into account initial outlay, the saving made initially and thereafter was more than sufficient to justify adoption.

Client: Network Rail

Review of Severn Tunnel Emergency Train Competence Management System

Undertook a comprehensive risk based review of the Severn Tunnel Emergency train competence management system. The purpose of the review was to identify compliance with Railway Group Standards, HSE guidance and the Railway (Safety Critical Work) regulations, and whether the requirements were measured against a risk based training needs and task analysis.

Client: Fastline Freight

Class 56 locomotive training

To assist Fastline Freight in becoming the UK’s latest Freight Operator, RODL developed and designed their class 56 conversion course, and undertook the refresher training of their drivers on the operational functionality of the class 56 locomotive.

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